[OPENING] Visit Our New Site in Shaxi, an Other-worldly Retreat


On the way from Dali to Lijiang

there is a largely unknown retreat

Lush green mountains in summer

Frost and fog in winter

Thousand-year-old Tea and Horse Fair

Mysterious Grottoes - Tang Dynasty

Indigenous villages - Bai people

Discover this other-worldly retreat

The new Linden Centre in Shaxi

Bird's eye view of the Linden Center in Shaxi


September 2021

The Linden Center in Shaxi

Grand Opening

Morning Sunshine


1.A Splendid Retreat


Shilong Village is situated on the 2600m mountain of the Shaxi Shibaoshan National Park. It not only has the tranquility of a idyllic Yunnan village, but also the mystique of ancient oil paintings.

Picturesque Shilong Village


The Shizhongshan Grottoes, dating back to the Tang dynasty, lies on the mountainside near the village. Renowned Wuxia writer Jin Yong called the grottoes “the Treasure of the South.” Chinese sociologist Fei Xiaotong said it’s comparable to Dunhuang.

The Shizhongshan Grottoes


Across the mountain is Shaxi - the only existing market fair on the Ancient Tea Horse Road - a commercial route connecting Southwest Asia for tea and silk trade. Today, Shaxi still serves as a crossroads for diverse cultures.
The Yujin Bridge in Shaxi

Shilong Village was nurtured in a natural and social environment, preserving and inheriting the folk traditions of Bai people. It’s no wonder it became a sacred place for nature, arts, religion, history, and anthropology lovers.


2.Coexist with Nature

Residential buildings in Shilong Village mainly adopt wooden construction and rammed earth. Our hotel continues the ancient tradition of the village, so we built an architecture that coexists with village and forest, while serving as a new purveyor of collective memory.

The Linden Centre · Shaxi



Rammed Earth

Rammed earth is an eco-friendly material: it comes from the surrounding mountains. Its strong energy invites the intimate experience of the senses, while telling stories about time and history. 

Geometric shapes on rammed earth

The Linden Centre · Shaxi uses rammed earth as the main construction material and is cemented entirely by hand. Earthen walls reflect a metallic shine under the sun while wood material compliments, and handbuilt stone walls display a rustic charm.

An intricate combination of earth, wood, and stone


The hotel complex looks grand up close but appears blended into the mountain from afar. Because of the purity and authenticity of the material, the Linden Centre looks like it was grown from nature. 

The hotel complex blens with moutains 


The public space is located on the western hill. Wide glass doors and windows enclose the stunning views of mountains, villages, lakes, and forests, forming a naturalist painting.

Public Area


The eastern hill has ten private guest villas connected by meandering steps, each room allows for plenty of natural light and breathtaking views.

Rooms with Views


The middle valley is where villagers pick mushrooms and cattle graze. The hotel complex has a wooden bridge connecting the eastern and western hills, preserving the privacy of guests without disturbing the daily lives of local villagers.

The wooden bridge connecting eastern and western hills



In and Out

In Yunnan, traditional households have communal living spaces where family and neighbors gather.

Local Wedding Gathering

To continue this tradition, Linden Centre·Shaxi has a spacious communal area that overlooks the beautiful landscape. In the daytime, people can sit here enjoying the view; at night, people can gather around the bonfire while gazing at the stars.

Public Patio

In the residential area, each house is interspersed into an enclosed public area, imitating a small-scale village. People sit, talk, chat, and enjoy the views in a communal fashion.

  Rammed Earth Exterior 


The hotel has ten private houses, and all of them are named both in Mandarin and Bai language. For example, Room “Xiang/Zix” has a beautiful mountain view. Xiang comes from the Chinese classics Book of Rites. In Bai language, Zix means “all-encompassing.”

"Xiang/Zix" Room


Each house has a full view of mountains, lakes, or villages. Lying on the bed and listening to the duet of river and birds, one can imagine oneself as a fish in the river or a cloud over the hillside.

"Su" Room

Interior furniture is selected and custome-made by European designer brands. The simplicity and craftsmanship of furniture match the natural and agreeable lifestyle of Yunnan.

Interior Furniture 

Local villagers will pick wildflowers and branches from the mountain as room décor. When you step into the room, you will feel like stepping into nature.


03  Gastronomy

One can clearly discern seasonal changes in Shilong Village, so we strive to reflect that in our catering.

Wild Mushroom Hot Pot

There are lots of natural ingredients, such as the bitter honey from the mountain, tasty kidney beans, and savory wild herbs. The mountain range of Shaxi is home to premium matsutake and other fungi, which are delicious when eaten cooked or raw.

Local Natural Ingredient

In winter, Bai people usually slaughter pigs and sheep before the Chinese New Year as a wish for a rich harvest. Pork will be made into ham for enjoyment in the next year.

Cured Pork in Shilong Village


While showing the seasonal changes through our catering, we also collaborate with chefs around the world, connecting Yunnan with the world via taste.

Chinese Laundry x Linden Centre


04 Travel 

The Linden Centre·Shaxi is located in a natural park. If you are a nature lover, there are numerous hiking trails and unique plants waiting for you to explore.

A pasture near Shilong Lake

If you love humanities, there are indigenous villages, the Shizhongshan Grottoes, and the ancient town of Shaxi for you to wander.

The Shilong Village

The Linden Centre has thoughtfully designed packages, excursions and activities. Here you will be able to immerse yourself in the culture, history, and natural beauty through your stay.


The true purpose of travel and architecture is not to create a beautified space, but to provide a lens for people to understand the world and eventually themselves.





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