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  • 2021.6.16
    The Linden Centre Newsletter Spring, 2021

        During a time of tension, a two-month journey across China to share peoples’ stories 两个月的中国之旅,和你们分享我们的故事 After two months, 40 hotel rooms, and over 15,000 miles of overland travel, Jeanee and I returned to Yunnan just before the busy May First holiday. We spent the month of March filming a special documentary for China’s Central Television …

  • 2021.6.16
    The Linden Centre Newsletter Winter,2020

    A journey back to Jeanee’s ancestral roots: a future Centre site? Jeanee的寻根之旅: 喜林苑新址“剧透” Over one hundred years ago, Jeanee’s ancestors emigrated to the United States. Their ancestral homes still remain nestled in the verdant rice fields 100 miles west of Guangzhou (Canton). Many of the early Chinese immigrants sent back pictures of the unique buildings …

  • 2020.6.17
    The Linden Centre Newsletter Summer,2020

    The village of Dongshan and our future site nestled alongside the beautiful Lake Tai 苏州店所在的东山古镇坐落于壮阔的太湖之滨 The Venice of the East-Suzhou-will soon be hometo our largest heritage site 喜林苑迄今规模最大的文化体验店即将落户“东方威尼斯”—古城苏州 Throughout the past few years, we have dropped hints about the opening of our first site outside of Yunnan. Choosing the location for this site was extremely …

  • 2020.2.18
    Village Life and the Coronavirus: Linden’s Diary

    “What’s true of all the evils in the world is true of plague as well. It helps men to rise above themselves.” “鼠疫像世界上别的邪恶一样,可以使人们的思想得到提高。” – Albus Camus, The Plague《鼠疫》     Village Life and the Coronavirus   Our old square is empty, shops boarded up, and a red banner playfully blows from the upper reaches of …

  • 2020.1.1
    Looking Back at 2019 with the Linden Centre and Friends

    As another year comes to its end, it’s again time to write a summary of all the wonderful things this year has encompassed. 2019 has been an extremely busy year as we continued on our mission to promote sustainable cultural tourism and immersive education programs. In the spring we led various groups of international friends …

  • 2019.12.24
    Chinese New Year in Xizhou

    During the winter solstice our small village of Xizhou retained its quiet and peaceful atmosphere. In the afternoon residents all moseyed out of their alleyways in order to bask in the warm sunlight. The birds that left for the winter have already flown back, if you were to follow the shadow of swallows into our …