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  • 2019.1.25
    Spring Festival 2019: Year of the Pig!

    新 年 Chinese New Year 新春到,春节好 New Year is coming, 家家户户都热闹, And each household is bustling. 贴春联,放鞭炮, Red couplet pasting and firecracker spluttering, 家家户户赶做饺。 Every family hurries to make dumplings. 小弟弟,小妹妹, Brothers and sisters, 穿上新衣带新帽。 Put on new hat and clothes happily.  (Sourced from internet) Spring Festival is one of the busiest times of the …

  • 2019.1.11
    Notice the Unnoticed | The Linden Centre BioCamp 2019

    Photo Credit: Cathy Zhou Amy, with her binoculars dangling from her neck and field notebook in hand, tromped across the top of an irrigation ditch into the rice fields of the Dali plain. Before her eyes a vast open patchwork of farmland and open sky was spread. Cryptically running across the rapeseed beds were wagtails …

  • 2018.11.10
    Be A Traveler, Not a Tourist: Presidio Knolls School at the Linden Centre

    PKS is a growing bilingual elementary and middle school based in San Francisco that emphasizes practical and realistic use of Chinese language, as opposed to having students memorize 100 terms a day. The Presidio Knolls School (PKS) website states: “Our mission is to nurture the young heart and mind in a joyful learning environment, where …

  • 2018.10.28
    Golden Flowers Go to New York

    2 Local Bai Ethnicity High School Students from Xizhou 1 Documentary Film: “The Soul of the Bai” 1 All American High School Film Festival in New York City 6 Days of Memories for a Lifetime   On Wednesday afternoon in October (the 3rd to be exact), Xiao Juan Yang & Pei Jie Yang, two high …

  • 2018.10.26
    The Passing of Time in Rice Terms

    The Linden Centre is cradled in a golden sea of Oryza sativa. 150 days ago, seedling by seedling, this rice was planted at the start of our rainy season and now proudly prevails throughout the Dali valley. The passing of time, so evident to all of us while watching a young child grow, is even …

  • 2018.7.16
    The Linden Centre wins prestigious American Architecture Award

    Last week, Linden Centre’s Shibaoshan National Park design received the prestigious American Architecture Award. The Lindens have evolved their social enterprise model to increasingly focus on sustainable rural development and intangible cultural preservation. The new project, which is located between Dali and Lijiang, reinvigorates the traditional rammed earth building style of the local Bai ethnic …