our team

Brian Linden

Founding Partner and President

Brian Linden is a Chicago native who has been working in international education projects in Asia for the past 15 years. Educated at the University of Illinois, and graduate work at the John Hopkins-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies, and Stanford University. Brian first came to China in 1985 and stayed for two years as a CBS cameraman, interviewing Deng Xiaoping among other national figures. In 2008 he founded the Linden Centre with his wife, Jeanee.

Jeanee Linden

Founding Partner

Born in San Francisco, Jeanee is the third-generation of Chinese-Americans who emigrated from Guangdong province in 1920. From an early age, she stood out in her large Cantonese-American family as the only cousin of thirty-five to invest time in understanding her family’s heritage and language. A graduate from the University of California, Jeanee loves to travel and explore China’s varied culinary traditions. She also has extensive experience in designing and operating travel and tourism programming. Since opening the Linden Centre with her husband, Jeanee has focused on developing educational programs and building relationships with the local community.

Yujiang Mou

Partner and CEO

A Dali native, Yujiang graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and Shanghai Tongji University. Throughout his career, he has provided urban sustainability consulting and research for the US Energy Foundation and the World Bank. Yujiang joined the Linden Centre team in 2015 and is responsible for heading the strategy and general management of the various sites. He has been integral to the development and expansion of the Linden Centre over time.

The Linden Centre has a young and energetic team. Many of our staff are local and we make full use of their expertise of the region. We have also brought on talent from within China and overseas, including fellows from the Princeton in Asia program (PIA), project researchers, and international students, making for a workplace adept at cross-cultural communication. Our local staff have a deep, embedded understanding of local culture and can provide travelers a peek into the lives of the community they’re staying in. PIA fellows and international students inject new vitality into the community by conducting research projects, developing education programming, and helping local children learn English. Coming with diverse perspectives, they see China in a new light and explore their new vision in their work.

We believe that people lie at the core of cultural exchange and communication, both in the contexts of travel or educational pursuit. Each and every employee brings with them an irreplaceable perspective and help the Linden Centre continue to bring fresh insights to the local community and our educational programming. At the same time, we find it crucial to provide our employees with the tools for robust career development. We conduct regular evaluations, provide “one-on-one” career advice and planning, continuously train our incoming talent, improve organizational structure, and help every employee flourish in tandem with the Linden Centre.