[ACTIVITY] 2021 Xizhou October Holiday Activities


The rainy season has just passed 
The ricefields in Xizhou quietly turn yellow


In the Golden Autumn 
We have prepared activities celebrating the Bai culture

Hope let you experience another way of life

Between Cangshan mountain and Erhai lake

We await you by the rice fields


Activity Schedule

Oct 1st

Dongjing Performance

Bai Tea Ceremony 

Oct 2nd

Morning Market Tour

Making Xizhou Baba

Oct 3rd

Linden Centre Tour

Bai Tea Ceremony 

Bai Sing-a-long

Oct 4th

Caravan Morning Market Tour

Wood Block Printmaking

Movie night

Oct 5th

Linden Centre Tour

Bai Tea Ceremony 

Bai Sing-a-long

Oct 6th

Morning market Tour


Movie night


*Please make a reservation in advance. Activities are free for hotel guests, other guests please inquire about availability. 


DongJing Music

The ancient Dongjing music, recognized as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, is the "living fossil" of the local culture. Professor Yang is a known person in Xizhou,he is always performing in festivals and religious gatherings. It is hard not to be impressed by his dedication and passion. Follow him to immerse yourself in the world of classical music.


Three Courses of Tea

When the Bai people entertain distinguished guests, they will make three courses of tea. The raw materials are taken from local ingredients, and the tea making process is quite particular. Let's engage in the various rituals and customs of the Bai people while tasting the tea.


Morning Market Tour

The morning market is the epitome of the ancient town. It is also the fastest way to know the local lifestyle. Fresh seasonal fruits, wild vegetables picked from the mountain, Hui people's milk fan cheese with rose sauce, the fish, noodle factories will awaken your senses. 


Make xizhou baba

In Xizhou, it's hard to resist the local delicious - Xizhou Baba - golden in color, sweet or salty, layered and soft, crisp and mouth-watering. Just eating is not enough, learning how to make it will be a worthwhile trip.


linden centre tour

Brian Linden and his family moved to Xizhou 17 years ago, and devoted themselves to the renovation of Yang Pinxiang's house with the principle of "repair the old as the old". Let's join in the "Linden Centre Tour" to know the story behind this house.


Wood Block Print

Jiama is a kind of "spell" used to pray for blessings. If something strange, unlucky or unpleasant happens, people will take out Jiama with different functions, then burn or stick it on the door, wishing for a better life.


Between Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, the trails are lined with yellow rice fields. There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xizhou in October than cycling.


movie night

Watching an open-air movie is relaxing and refreshing. We hope to share brilliant movies about shining lives under the night sky.


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