School Program

The Linden Centre is committed to building a cultural exchange learning center, providing young people with cross-cultural immersive learning and helping them become world citizens. We have transformed the abundant cultural resources at our disposal into teaching material, such as the local architecture, customs, religion, and artisan craftsmanship, to bring world-class educational resources to the Chinese countryside, and to showcase the world a diverse China. Since 2011, the Linden Centre has established partnership with several prestigious schools and universities, as a support for their experiential learning and research projects. We have partnered with the American Sidwell High School during their China Fieldwork Semester and have been a destination for Shanghai’s largest international school Shanghai American School’s Microcampus program. We have also worked with Middlebury College’s School of the Environment program, and Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. The then Chinese Prime Minister of the State Council Liu Yandong spoke highly of our international education programs during her visit at the Linden Centre in the summer of 2018, “It lets foreign friends know about a real and friendly China, especially young people who participate in educational programs.”

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Sidwell Friends School

Shanghai American School

Middlebury College

Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business

Presidio Knolls School

Beijing Keystone Academy

Duke University

University of Minnesota

International School of Beijing

Studio Education

The Chinese University of Hong Kong