2019 Winter Film Workshop

The Film Workshop is a short-term project-based educational program. Under the guidance of local education resources provided by the Linden Centre, and prestigious instructors from all around the world, students learn professional skills in screenwriting, directing, filming, production and editing. Students also take part in finding local resources, conducting interviews, and ultimately producing their own film. In addition to developing technical filmmaking skills, the workshop guides students through a multidisciplinary study of contemporary issues and develops students’ ability to observe local phenomena and tell stories. After showing their films to the local community, students receive the Linden Centre’s support in submitting their films to international film festivals. The film workshop also offers students further opportunities to study advanced techniques and the unique opportunity to participate in international film workshop.

In order to give back to the community, a portion of the expenses of the program will be used to fund local students’ participation in the film workshop. Due to large inequities in educational resource distribution between urban and rural areas, the Linden Centre hopes to provide local students more access to advanced teaching philosophies and educational resources. Moreover, this broadens the scope and depth of film themes.

So far, we have held a two-day “48-Hour” Filmmaking Introduction, two studio classes for teenagers and one studio class for children. A short documentary called The Soul of the Bai filmed by two local Bai girls from the teenager workshop has been nominated for the 2018 All American High School Film Festival, and two documentary films The Fisherman of Shacun and Truth or Dare have been selected for the Olympia International film festival for Dec. 2018.

Program Dates: 2/9/2019-2/18/2019

Theme: Film Production

Highlights: A professional filming instruction team, an in-depth understanding of traditional culture, holistic education of this skills, aesthetic diversity.

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