2019 Biodiversity Winter Camp

In the Winter of 2019, the Linden Centre is going to give a Christmas/Spring Festival gift for teenagers, in the most beautiful natural environment at the southeast China-Yunnan, a biodiversity winter camp. Under the guidance of all-star team of American instructors, students will get to explore nature hands-on in exciting and novel settings, learn to think like naturalists, experience the outdoors and build lasting friendships. This is a rare opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and learn important lessons through immersive interaction with rural China. The destinations of this winter camp are Dali and Tengchong Gaoligong Mountain, both of which are renowned bird watching sites. Bird watching experiences at these two places will not only allow students to increase their knowledge of bird watching, but also allow them to observe the difference between bird species in different living habitats and to understand nature better.

Program Time:

Session 1: 12/27/2018-01/03/2019

Session 2: 01/28/2019-02/04/2019

Theme: Biodiversity Birdwatching

Highlights: International instructors with classes taught in English team, explore two destinations, stay in heritage site & camp in the Gaoligong mountains

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Notice the Unnoticed-The Linden Centre BioCamp 2019