[ACTIVITY] 2021 Suzhou October Holiday Activities


With the sweet scent of osmanthus,

We have invited several talented local friends to our Suzhou site (Rong Chun Tang, Spring Garden) to bring unique cultural experiences.

Looking forward to seeing you during this Oct Holiday!


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Oct 1st

Cooking Class - Suzhou Style Mooncake

Oct 2nd

Matcha Tea Ceremony

Oct 3rd

Cooking Class:Suzhou Style Mooncake

Oct 4th

Traditional Craft: Round-Fan Making

Oct 5th

Traditional Craft: Bamboo Weaving

Oct 6th

Traditional Craft: Round-Fan Making


*Activity Time: 3-5pm, Maximum: 8 ppl per activity 

**Free of charge for hotel guests only. Please make a reservation in advance. 

Suzhou style mooncakes are one kind of traditional Mid-Autumn festival food originating back to Tang Dynasty times and reaching popularity during the Song Dynasty. 

Suzhou mooncakes have a delicate crispy crust which makes it different than your average mooncake. We'll share our mooncake secrets with you. 

A tea ceremony is a ritualized form of making tea common in East Asia.  

There are many ways to perform a tea ceremony, the common thread that flows between them is "an adoration of the beautiful among the mundane facts of everyday life.”  

Tea ceremony can bring a sense of refinement, touch the inner spirit, cultivate humility, restraint and simplicity. It elevates an everyday activity and allows participants  to experience a kind of symbolism and formalism that is not present in everyday life. 

The Suzhou fan making is considered a national level Intangible Cultural Heritage craft. It originated during the Song Dynasty; bamboo, wood, iron, silk materials are still used today.

Let's start with a mysterious feather fan in the classic Chinese scroll painting Luoshenfutu with the history of more than 1600 years to explore the cultural code behind the fans...

Bamboo weaving is a world wide sculptural craft centered around knitting bamboo threads and bamboo strips, it is an essential skill in Chinese folk art. 

We will invite a local artist from Dongshan to discuss and share her original work and to teach our guests basic weaving skills. 

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