Dali Holiday Calendar – September 2014

Shuai Hai Festival – August 18 to September 18

This is a local Bai minority festival which lasts for one month, with the most famous and huge celebration on August 8th of the lunar calendar, along the west costal area of Erhai lake. On that day, nearby villages send all their boats to Cai village and thousands of people will come around to watch.

Mid-Autumn Festival – September 9

Just like other minorities, the whole family will get together and have mooncakes. But for Bai people, Yu Tan festival is the most important local festival all the year around.

Yu Tan Festival – September 8 to September 14

This is the second largest festival in northwest Yunnan, and it’s usually held on Mid-autumn festival and lasts for eight days.
Just like the March festival, it’s huge market of local specialties, such as horses, cows, and goats from mountain area, and also tea, walnut, chestnut and herbs. New couples who are married within the year usually buy a bicycle, a TV set and some other furniture at this huge festival.

Xizhou Atai Celebration – September 24

The festival takes place at Shengyuan temple on the first day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar. The festival celebrates the union of two local deities, prince Zhang Yuejin and princess Zhou Dong. People come together to burn incense, pray, sing and dance, among other things. Some people will make a pilgrimage up to three ancient mountain homes above the village.

Opening Fishing Festival – September 28

Every year, this festival is held in Shuanglang old town. It’s a thousand year-old custom to open the fishing season and show how the local people make their living fishing in Erhai Lake.