Yang Zhuoran Accommodations

At the time of construction, this majestic courtyard home was the tallest building in Xizhou, and immediately after the 1949 revolution it served as a town hall, hospital and school. Built in the 1930s by a wealthy Xizhou merchant, the complex was renovated in 2013 to preserve the original architecture while allowing convenient and comfortable collaborative learning. Today, Yang Zhuoran serves almost exclusively as an education facility.

In addition to space for living, dining and relaxation, the complex offers classrooms, a library, and a study for student use. Yang Zhuoran offers students the chance to explore, research, and interact with the rich local culture in a more intimate and in-depth way. In this space, schools are invited to work with the Linden Centre to design and carry out custom education programs that meet their specific goals.

Bunk Rooms

  • Student dorms with large windows and wooden floors, four in total.
  • High walls with floor to ceiling mirrors and local wood carvings.
  • Modern, stone finished private bathroom.
  • A generous space for four people to a room.

Twin Rooms

  • Three rooms in total, two with private bathroom, one without.
  • Option to fit either two or three to a room.
  • A comfortable space for teachers, chaperones for education programs, or quiet alternative to the Linden Centre when fully booked.

Queen Room

  • A secluded room on the second floor overlooking a small courtyard in the back.
  • The room usually preferred by leaders and organizers of programs.
  • Plenty of space for class prep and equipment.
  • Large private bathroom.


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