Testimonials & Awards

Since our opening in 2007, the Linden Centre has continued to be recognized for its high quality operations in education, sustainable business, cultural exchange, and hospitality. Our awards have come from guests, program participants, and media sources alike. We are proud of our reputation and strive to continue to provide the quality of service we have become known for.



Yunnan Friendship Award for Foreign Experts 2017
Tripadvisor – Top Rated Hotel in China 2017

  • Tripadvisor – Traveler’s Choice Award 2011-2018
  • Tripadvisor – Top Boutique Hotel in China 2015
  • CNNGo – China’s Top Heritage Hotel, 2011
  • Voyager -China Sustainable Tourism AwardAi??2010-2011
  • Travel and Leisure -Global Vision Award 2010
  • Sina.com & Tourism Channel – The most unique Inn, 2009-2010
  • Xinzhoukan Magazine – Most Creative Hotel in SW China, 2009


Online Guest Testimonials:


“I have lived in China for nearly 30 years, and traveled extensively throughout the country, and the Linden Centre is my favorite China getaway.”
-Jim M, reviewed Jan 1, 2018. Trip Advisor

“The Linden Centre is a must visit for anyone in the Dali area. The building, the staff, the views and the activities are all outstanding. It is one of the top boutique hotels in all of China for a good reason. And you know an area is beautiful when brides come from all around for photo sessions! It was the highlight of our 3 weeks in China!!”
-Tom, USA, reviewed on Booking.com

“Excellent stay at the Linden Centre; the place breathes of the passion that the Linden family puts into preserving Chinese cultural heritage; a place to stay to visit the main attractions around Dali in a peaceful environment. A must!”
-Pierre, France, reviewed on Booking.com

“Incredibly lucky to have found The Linden Centre and stay there for two nights. Love the Linden’s philosophy behind culturally sensitive tourism and their obvious respect for Chinese culture and its people. Their efforts at sympathetically restoring historic buildings, empowering the local communities and education both local and international guests is admirable. Fabulous food, great atmosphere, a wonderful library, extremely comfortable and well appointed rooms – all complemented by a welcoming and unique culture throughout the centre. If you get the opportunity to stay here then do so, and ensure you spend some time relaxing on the terrace overlooking the fields, town and mountains – a beautiful and relaxing experience.”
-Tessa, Australia, reviewed on Agoda, November 2017


Testimonials In Published Media:

“The Linden Centre is leading a new movement toward a new lifestyle in China.”
-The Economic Observer, Beijing

“The Lindens are keepers of Bai traditional Architecture.”
-Spring City News, Yunnan

“In China, young people are fleeing to the cities, leaving behind empty cities filled with timeless architecture. Xizhou’s celebrated architectural legacy will survive forever thanks to the Lindens’ efforts.”
-Chinese Central Television 10

“The Linden Centre is an extraordinary combination of comfort, culture and stimulation. I very much admire the care and attention to exquisite detail that has gone into the restoration of a national historic treasure and the development of a site for creative work.”
-James Fallows, The Atlantic Monthly

“I have just come back from a visit to the Linden Centre and all I can say is WOW! Ai??I am seriously impressed. Ai??Without a doubt one of my top three new finds in the entire trip this year! I really want to compliment you on your excellent taste and also the level of attention that you have paid to the details. Ai??Small things like electric extensions in the rooms really show how much thought you have put into the needs of your guests. Ai??Your library surpasses most of the public libraries that I visit and the rear gardens were an absolute inspiration.”
– Chris Winnan, China Travel Specialist


From Program Participants:

“Spent 6 days at the Linden Commons, also spent quite a bit of time visiting the Centre as well (the two locations are a 10-minute walk from each other). I was also with a large group split between the two locations so got to see some of each including rooms at both. The pictures and website truly don’t do this place justice–not only can the physical beauty simply not be easily captured in photographs, but the warmth and involvement of the staff were what truly blew me away. This isn’t a place where you’ll find a big screen TV with 200 channels in every room, but you won’t miss it (and the personal comforts are still there–beds are great, rooms range from decent-sized to huge, bathrooms are clean and state of the art, maintenance/cleaning staff are very attentive).
Xizhou and Dali are a bit off of the beaten path especially for non-Chinese travelers, but you won’t regret your stay here–spend some time talking with the wonderful staff, maybe take a cooking class, truly an unforgettable experience!”

-Alex F. Indiana University, March 2018

“I had never been to China before but the Linden Centre makes me want to go back. It is beautiful and has wonderful food and service. But more than that, it is a cultural experience. It is in and of a small village outside of historic Dali that makes you feel like you’re part of Chinese daily life. Jeannie and Brian Linden have done a remarkably tasteful job of recreating the feeling of a lovely Chinese home and are both highly knowledgeable about China’s past, present and future. In addition, the Centre provides access to hiking in nearby national parks and local handicrafts and markets. Highly recommend. A delightful stay.”
-Luck K. Photo Tour, March 2018

“Xizhou is an authentic old town. There are a lot of beautiful places in China but so many are artificial and lacking in spirit. Xizhou has kept its old customs and architecture. We spent an unforgettable Chinese New Year with the Lindens as our hosts.”
-Peng Xiancheng, Professional Artist from China

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