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The Linden Centre Chosen Number #1 Small Hotel in China on!

Unprecedented American-owned and managed, upscale heritage hotel in China’s Southeast Himalayas honored by travelers from around the world. January 23, 2015 – Xizhou, China, The Linden Centre, a heritage hotel housed in one of China’s only national relics open to overnight stays, has garnered the award for China’s Top Small Hotel in the 2015 TravelersContinue Reading

Trip Advisor 2013 Awards

What it means for Linden Centre to be selected as a Top Luxury Hotel –

The Linden Centre was proud to be selected yesterday by as one of China’s Top 25 Luxury Hotels and Top 25 Service Hotels. This is again such a great honor. I am particularly proud of the Service award because it reflects the strength of our Centre’s team.The Centre is made up of nearly 40 Chinese and Western colleagues. What attracts this talent to the small village of Xizhou is a passion for the culture, for preserving the stories of the past and our architectural heritage. Unlike other hotels on the list, we are made up of people who truly have made a sacrifice to be here…

Christine and Honey

I grew up extremely afraid of bees, and being stung. And it wasn’t until age 28 when my childhood fear first became a reality. (Full disclosure: I’m still a little bit afraid.) Christine grew up in an English household where her father kept bees, and who has fond memories of being stung due to inadvertentlyContinue Reading