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The Spirit of Travel

October 5 – 18, 2016

No matter the background or faith, there is a universal feeling that Asia’s traditional beliefs echo the sublime harmony found not only in nature, but also in humanity. Despite the ideological challenges throughout China’s history, and its rapid openness to Western business and social paradigms, there still exist places of deep and divine connections with the earlier traditions. The exploration of how these customs and beliefs have been able to survive through the millennia helps the seeker to better understand the basic humanistic values that may be universal to all cultures.

Nestled in the verdant vestiges of the Himalayas, the Dali region in China’s southwest Yunnan Province, has been one of leading centers of Esoteric Buddhism in Asia since the seventh century. Located just below Tibet and near the Theravada Buddhist Kingdoms of Siam and Burma, Dali served as a major crossroad for traders traversing the Southwest Silk Road. This constant flow of visitors, many of whom carried with them their spiritual traditions and iconography, helped Dali take on a mystical quality among its neighbors- becoming a Buddhist ‘Shangrila’ where
spirits intercede to uphold the virtuous.

Travel with us on a journey into Asia’s spiritual past- where daily lectures and thought provoking workshops are followed by visits to ancient temples, mosques, cathedrals, and sacred mountains where the traditions of Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and Islam exist alongside the Bai ethnic group’s indigenous Ben Zhu beliefs. It is in the Dali basin that the spiritual traditions from South Asia and the Middle East collided with the greater Sino-Tibetan religious beliefs. The result is one of the most vibrant spiritual environments in the world.

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What – 13 day cultural and spiritual excursion in Yunnan, China. Includes a range of interactive activities, hikes through forests and temple complexes, informative history and religious lectures, and a spiritual workshop that will deepen, develop, and challenge your systems of belief.

When – October 5 – 18, 2016

Who – An interested traveler who hopes to engage with and gain insight from Yunnan’s cultural diversity and religious tradition. An open mind and willingness to learn in an unusual setting will help you get the most out of this culturally immersive trip.

Cost – $4,995 Includes all domestic and international airfare expenses, medical evacuation insurance, accommodations, most meals, activities, and cultural services. Trip insurance is recommended and will be offered for purchase separately.

Group Size – While the Linden Centre can comfortably accommodate 30 people, this group is limited to 20 to ensure that all guests can receive personal attention from the Centre’s teachers and staff. Many workshops will be hands-on, thus the lower number of guests will ensure ample participation. To ensure that all can stay within the Centre, we highly encourage double occupancy with a loved one, friend, or colleague, but can assist in finding you an appropriate roommate. Requesting a single room for the duration of the trip is $600 and subject to availability. Our minimum group size is 10 people; we reserve the right to cancel any tour if the minimum size is not met. All rooms are non-smoking.

*All guests should be fit to travel at altitudes of 11,000 feet and should be able to walk at least 3 miles a day on uneven ground.

Not included – Guests are responsible for obtaining their own Chinese visa, costs related to alcohol, beverages not included in regular meals, laundry, personal items, souvenirs, and long distance telephone calls. Airfare to and from Los Angeles, trip interruption and cancellation insurance is not included but highly recommended.


Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it. Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held. Believe nothing just because it is said in ancient books. Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin. Believe nothing just because someone else believes it. Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true.

- Buddha


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