Dali Holiday Calendar – March 2014

Pear Blossom Festival – various dates

The Pear Blossom Festival is a traditional Bai event held every year in March. People gather in small groups, or with friends and family, to have a picnic or carry out a spring outing.

Barking Festival – March 2

This festival is also called Shouxianjie. The celebrations occur on the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, in Xincun near Xizhou. According to legend, there were two local deities, who were lovers and meeting up at the temple. While they were together a dog barked, scaring them so bad that they broke one of the temple walls and the wall was impossible to fix.

Titou Festival – March 2

A traditional festival in the area, people will get a haircut to hope for more rain this year and pray for a good harvest. It’s also popular across all of China.

Boluo Festival – March 6

Boluo Temple is located right behind Gan tong temple, 4-5 km away, in the valley of Sheng Ying peak of Mountain Cang.

Yi New Year – March 8

Like Spring Festival for Han Chinese people, Feb 8th is the New Year for the Yi minority in Wei Shan county. Every 8th of Feb is the New Year and worship day of Nan Zhao kingdom.

Welcoming “Jingu” Festival – March 8

On the 8th day of the second month of the lunar calendar, members of the Bai minority gather together to celebrate the local deity Jingu. The festival will last up to ten days and includes a multitude of singing and dancing performances.

The Four Pushing Gods Festival – March 8

This festival is celebrated on the 8th day of the second month of the lunar calendar, in the northern villages of Xizhou. Villagers take wooden carts to pick up and carry the spirit of a local deity. There is an engraved piece of wood with a picture of the deity that they will show singing and dancing performances to.

Chaohua Festival – March 14

A long time ago, a flower fairy passed by the Dali area, where there were a lot of birds, busy bees, butterflies, and flowers blooming throughout the year. And even the flower fairy did not know the name of some of the flowers. So on February 14 of the lunar calendar, all of the flowers in Dali, Erhai area will be celebrated and it will be known that they have a name.

Bai Farmhouse Festival – March 15

Reflecting the spirit of the foothills, the Bai Farmhouse festival, also known as the Bai Tree Flower, will be held on 15th of the second month on lunar calendar.