Our Concept: Experiential Learning, Cultural Wandering

The Linden Centre is based on a philosophy of intercultural exchange. You stay in an elegant courtyard mansion in the midst of an ancient village that functions today as it has for centuries. Outside our walls, the buildings are stone and the roads are dirt, with the Himalayan foothills providing a majestic backdrop. Throughout the village, the warmth of the local Bai people and the year-round spring climate evoke an openness that facilitates a bringing together of East and West. Click here to view room types and accommodation

Yunnan is the most diverse of all of China’s provinces, with a profusion of internal ethnicities and external influences. The geography, climate, cuisine, and customs are at once varied and pristine. In particular, the Southeast Himalayan valley surrounding Dali City and the nearby Village of Xizhou has thus far escaped the over-development that has unfortunately changed much of China. This setting is central to our concept.

The Centre is an all-inclusive compound, with our staff providing all meals and transport for excursions and side-trips. This allows our guests to focus on the deeper aspects of the ethnic traditions and enjoy unimpeded interaction with local villagers and their customs. Too often, the average tourist experience consists of stepping off a bus to snap a photo. What we offer is something special…we strive to genuinely enrich the lives of our guests.

Each day at the Centre is different, with a constant flow of activities and experiences available. What stays the same is a personal interaction with the authentic cultures, traditions, values, and daily life of the Bai people of Xizhou Village and beyond. Some experiences are observational, while others are more participatory. The strong educational component of a stay at the Centre includes a wide palate of expert guidance on the diverse traditions of the region. We are also proud to offer unique chances to join in volunteer efforts that benefit the immediate community of Xizhou. Click here to book your stay now

Guests may experience the Centre through our ‘Theme Stays’ or ‘Short Stay’ packages. Custom-made stays are available for businesses, families and special events. Programs are facilitated by our professional bi-lingual directors, who have extensive backgrounds in the arts and traditions of the region. We are committed to ensuring a comfortable, hand-held experience and a real connection to the rich traditions of this unique part of China.

The Centre is truly an idyllic setting for a deeper enrichment in any discipline – please contact us if you would like us to create a tailored cultural experience for your group.

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