Various Routing

Kunming – Dali – Xizhou

The Linden Centre is found in the Village of Xizhou, which is just outside Dali City in the southwestern province of Yunnan. Guests typically fly into Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan or Lijiang and travel to Dali by either flight, bus, or train. During a themed program, we will pick you up at a designated airport. During Short Stays, airport transfer can be arranged.

Arranging your Flight

Kunming and Lijiang can be reached by direct flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, or other major cities in southeast Asia. The full name of the airport is Kunming Changshui International Airport, abbreviated ‘KMG.’ Located in Northeast Kunming, the new Kunming Airport services many major airlines and is located twenty-five kilometers (just over 15 miles) from the city center. Lijiang Old Town is located 28 miles from the airport, with buses running to a bus station located just outside the Old Town for about 15 RMB one way.


Within Yunnan the major carrier is China Eastern, which operates several flights daily between Kunming and Dali. Flights are inexpensive and just over 30 minutes in duration. Take care to book tickets to ‘Dali,’ and not ‘Dalian.’ Currently, the only way between Lijiang and Dali is a 3 hour cab or bus ride.

A good website for flights within China are provided below. Prices are for one-way tickets and are quoted in RMB. See the ‘English’ button at the top for the English version of the site.


The bus takes between four and five hours from Kunming to Dali with a half hour rest. When you book a bus ticket, you will buy the ticket to Dali. In fact, the bus will actually only go as far as Xiaguan which is also known as ‘New Dali’ in English. You can take the bus to Dali from the West Bus Station. The address is: Ma Jie Xi Bu Ke Yun Zhan. 马街西部客运站。Bus tickets cost between  $12-20 depending on if it is a slow or express bus.


The main train station in Kunming is Nanyao station, located about four km from the city center, or about a 15 minute taxi ride. A cab ride from the airport to the train is 10 minutes. The train to Dali takes about nine hours, and is available either during the day or overnight. The trains are clean and comfortable, and are very popular with local Chinese. The view during the day is very enjoyable, and departs just before 8AM (No 214). The overnight trip departs at 10PM, and is frequently sold out (No 213). Please contact us if you need assistance booking train tickets.

Old Town Dali to Xizhou [20km]

You can take a cab, public bus or minivan that runs on Hwy 214 (DaLi Lu) to Xizhou.

Getting Around Xizhou

Below is a table showing pertinent destinations and their respective distances from Xizhou. The recommended mode of transport is also noted.

目的地Destination 公里km 交通工具Vehicle 时间Time
海舌Lake tongue 3 自行车/步行Bike/Walk 15分钟/25分钟15min/25min
大理古城Dali Old Town 13 中巴车Mini Bus/Walk 20分钟20 min
下关Xia Guan (New Dali) 35 中巴车Mini Bus 40分钟40 min
飞机场Airport 46 中巴车Mini Bus 60分钟60 min
丽江Li Jiang 198 中巴车Mini Bus 3小时3 hours
昆明Kun Ming 338 大巴车
4.5小时4.5 hour