Educational Opportunities in Yang Zhuoran

Located in the heart of the Xizhou village, our second site Yang Zhuoran is a historic courtyard complex dedicated to hosting educational opportunities for schools from around the globe. For a stay of seven days or longer, Yang Zhuoran offers the entire complex to the school’s use, where students have the chance to explore, research, and interact with the rich local culture in a more intimate and in-depth way. In this space, schools are invited to work with the Linden Centre to design and carry out custom programs that specifically meet their educational goals. Past participating schools include Shanghai American School and Washington DC’s Sidwell Friends School. To learn more about how Shanghai American School and Sidwell Friends School have taken advantage of educational opportunities at the Linden Centre, please explore the links at the bottom of the page.

Originally built in 1947 by a wealthy Xizhou merchant, the complex was recently renovated in 2013 as both a preservation of its original antiquity and an adaptation to allow convenient and comfortable collaborative learning. In addition to space for living, dining and relaxation, the complex offers several classrooms and a study for student’s use. While students are welcome to stay with us year round, this makes for an especially good summertime program. For more information, Please check our Education Booklet at or contact Brian Linden and Jeanee Linden at



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There are still openings left for 2016 China Fieldwork Semester program. For more information, please contact John Flower, PhD and Director, Chinese Studies Program at +1 202-537-8181 or

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