Jeanee Linden, Co-founder

Jeanee Linden is the co-founder of the Linden Centre and first came to China in the 1980s to learn the language and to understand the roots of her ancestry. A third-generation Chinese-American, Jeanee was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She graduated with a double Major in Theater and Communications from Whitworth University before participating in the inaugural Whitworth-Nanjing exchange program. Jeanee then went on to complete her graduate studies as a Nurse Practitioner at the University of California. At the Linden Centre, Jeanee has been integral in all aspects of the business from management, operations, and guest relations, while at the same time balancing a commitment to raising her two boys in a cross-cultural environment. She has home-schooled her two boys and is proud that they can live easily in both the US and China. Her desire to be a cultural ambassador between China and the US is a driving force for her work at the Linden Centre.