Frank He, Executive General Manager

Born in Jianchuan County, Dali, Frank He has always felt an intimate connection to his minority heritage, the Bai people. Frank sees it as his mission to leverage his passion to share his culture with the world. As a young boy, Frank first encountered westerners when visiting his aunt in Xizhou. He tried to communicate with them, but the language barrier seemed unconquerable. Frank’s mother encouraged him to study English and explore the world outside of Dali. She taught him the importance of not only sharing your community’s culture with others, but of sharing other cultures with your community. After graduating from university, Frank moved to the Philippines to work as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a Chinese international trading company. He later served as Acting General Manager of the company, and eventually returned home to establish his own company, which exported ethnic products made by the Bai and other ethnic minorities from Yunnan Province. Frank joined the Linden Centre in 2009.