Fay Zheng, Manager – Yang Zhuo Ran

Fay was born and raised in Shaanxi Province. She spent her university life in Guangxi Province studying business administration. After four years of study in the south of China, she began her career at a trading company in Shenzhen, and traveled to Yunnan on holiday. It was at that time that her relationship with Xizhou started. But that is not her only connection to the Linden Centre, as from her birthplace, a city with a vast amount of history, she learned to appreciate China’s thousands of years of historical relics, tradition and culture. The Linden Centre is exactly this kind of place. At the same time, Fay finds the Linden Centre to be a fantastic place to share stories with guests form around the world and learn hotel management. Fay is now working in the Linden Centre a manager of our group complex, Yang Zhuo Ran.