David B. Sutton, Resident Sustainability Advisor

David B. Sutton, (Ph.D.,F.R.G.S.) former University Professor and President of The Antaeus Organization (TAO), is a human ecologist, biological philosopher, artist and writer with whimsical, evolutionary and earth-centered biases. He is dedicated to life-long learning about the Earth’s essential life-support systems, and the intimate connection between the health of the planet and its people. For over thirty years, he has developed socially and environmentally responsible educational and travel programs and ecological approaches to product design, conservation, sustainable enterprises, and cultural synergy and integral health efforts throughout the world.

He has most recently served as principal with TaoConsulting in Shanghai, specializing in sustainable design, innovative cross-cultural communications and training. As well as the host of M.A.G.I.C. (Multicultural Activities Generating International Community) Events in Shanghai, Sanya and throughout China.
He is an active, energetic, enthusiastic person, an avid dancer and aspiring magician.

An obdurate dreamer and old-fashion romantic and idealist, he hopes to help make the Linden experience one of mindful living where it is seen as more than just cultural preservation and exchange and reducing ecological footprint but also including meaningful and fulfilling aspects of life and living that bring us health, happiness and joy.