Brian Linden, Co-Founder

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Brian first came to China in 1984, and has spent over 25 years involved in education, business, and journalistic ventures throughout Asia. He began his career working for CBS, after which he pursued graduate studies at University of Illinois, Johns Hopkins and Stanford University. Brian has traveled to every province in China and has spent nearly 300 nights on trains. He has worked and sojourned in over 75 countries, yet over the years, it has been Brian & Jeanee’s passion for China’s history, traditions, and people that have kept drawing them back. A trip to Xizhou in 2005 brought them one step closer to realizing their dreams and in 2008 the Linden Centre became a reality – an elegant retreat where foreigners and Chinese alike could share their passion for intellectual exchange, authentic cultural immersion, and life-long learning.