Immerse yourself in vibrant village life and take on the challenge of addressing issues that matter in the community we serve, and beyond.


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Princeton in Asia
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Our Story

In 2008, the Lindens restored a historic home in Xizhou, Dali, Yunnan, and transformed it into a cultural exchange center which later became designated as a national heritage site. In 2011, we began partnership with Sidwell Friends School, thus beginning our commitment to international and immersive education as a way to connect future leaders with rural China. Since then, the Linden Centre has been offering both collaborative and independent educational programs.


Built in the 1930s by a wealthy Xizhou merchant, the traditional Bai courtyard Yang Zhuo Ran was renovated in 2013 with two goals in mind: preserve the historic architecture while designing the space for collaborative learning. In addition to living, dining, and relaxing spaces, this complex offers classrooms, a library, and many study rooms.


Himalayas to the west. Tropical forests to the south. Yunnan is China’s most biodiverse province and is home to more than 25 different ethnic minorities. Yunnan is also host to a rich variety of religions, cuisine, architecture, traditional ceremonies, art, and legends, which exist in harmony due to a long history of cultural exchange.
Dali refers to the valley in Northwest Yunnan that we call home. Surrounded by mountains to the east, west, and south, with Erhai Lake at its center, the Dali valley is a haven of protected wetlands filled with exotic indigenous birds, lush mountainous forests, nationally-protected heritage architecture, and is the home of the Bai people.
Xizhou, our home in Dali, has been called "a living art museum" due to its remarkable concertation of nationally protected heritage sites, parks and wildlife preserves. It is the balance of forward thinking development and cultural preservation that exists in Xizhou that makes it special.