Media Coverage

The Linden Centre has been covered by several Chinese and international publications since our founding in 2007. Highlighted below is a small selection.



Media Coverage



China Watch 2050

The Exemplary Foreigner: An Interview with Brian Linden.

By Gary Sigley, May 12th, 2016


China Daily

Not Hippie, but Still Hip.

By Mike Peters, June 1st, 2015




Door County Pulse

Secretary of State Recognizes Linden Centre.

By Door County Pulse, February 19th, 2015



New York Times

From Outsiders to Innkeepers in China’s Sleepy Countryside.

By Mike Ives, August 13th, 2013



Wall Street Journal

China, as It Was.

By Nina Simonds, November 26, 2011




Welcome Te Dali, China’s New Shangri-la.

By Melinda Liu, July 17th, 2011


Wild China

Interview: Brian Linden of the Linden Centre.

By Wild China, August 23th, 2010



The Atlantic

Village Dreamers.


By James Fallows, October, 2009



Wall Street Journal

Treasures Without Tourists.

By Stan Sesser, May 15th, 2009




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