Dali International Summer Camp – July

Dali International Summer Camp

7/10-7/16, 2017



Join us on an adventure to explore the hidden secrets of Cangshan area and the cultural relics of Xizhou county. Formed over 2 billion years ago, Cangshan area was declared a World Geopark by UNESCO in 2014. Guided by a botany expert, campers will explore various environments, from mountain forests to wetlands near Erhai Lake. Back in town, campers will be immersed in Xizhou’s rich cultural heritage. The class will hear the story of Linden Center and the Bai people from Mr. Linden, prepare a delicious local lunch for their parents, and learn to make traditional local handicrafts.



  • Age range: 7-14 years old
  • Trip Length: 7 days, 6 nights (7/10 – 7/16, 2017)
  • Price: 8800 RMB/student
    Fee includes transportation around Dali, accommodation, three meals a day, educational fees and accident insurance. Does not include transportation to and from Dali, souvenirs, or additional personal items.
  • Group size: 15-25 students



  • Make traditional tie-dye
  • Learn to take field notes at Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake
  • Explore Bai architecture


Why Join?

  • Be exposed to different cultures, languages, and educational ideas in a multilingual environment
  • Explore unique projects and build friendship in the cooperation with peers from all over the world
  • Practice sharp observation skills and attention to details
  • Be immersed in rich natural heritage and learn to recognize various plants



Day 1: Xizhou

  • Get to know your new friends
  • Explore the Xizhou and its unique architecture
  • Observe how the Bai people traditionally make local specialties such as cheese and rice noodles
  • Hear Mr. Linden, the founder of the Linden Centre, talk about his experiences in China and share stories about the Bai people.


Day 2: Xizhou

  • Follow our expert teachers to farms and learn about where our food comes from
  • Explore a traditional wet market in Xizhou
  • Prepare a delicious lunch from the market to enjoy with parents
  • Learn about the Bai three-course tea ceremony


Day 3: Cangshan Mountain

  • Learn how to observe nature using all 5 senses
  • With the help of our experienced nature teachers, identify 20 species of Cangshan plants by name, including special characteristics about each
  • Understand how the variety of plants work together in the different vegetation habitats of Cangshan


Day 4: Erhai Lake

  • Observe the ecological characteristics of a wetland
  • Learn to take good field notes by drawing, free painting, and other methods


Day 5: Shaxi

  • Explore the ancient town of Shaxi to learn more about Bai architecture
  • Sketch scenes of Shaxi life and architecture


Day 6: Zhoucheng

  • Make your own tie-dye in Zhoucheng, the town famous for traditional Bai tie-dye
  • Learn about the history of the horse through Bai legends
  • Participate in a festival with Bai music and dance


Day 7: Presentation Ceremony

  • Present field notes and handmade projects from the week



Our Teachers

Ding Lianqing, Leader

Mr. Ding was a teacher for Teach for China. Outside of teaching, Mr. Ding loves to complete marathons, including running around the entire perimeter of Erhai Lake (126km!).


Tian Chen (Xiao Tian), Deputy Team Leader

In addition to being an elementary school principal and founder, Xiao Tian has 12 years of web experience and is planner for a local environment protection organization.


Lao Tian, Field Note Mentor

As a locally well-known botanist, Lao Tian has over two decades of experience mentoring others in the art of taking field notes and drawing nature.


Hu Hu, founder, Group Leader

Hu Hu has 13 years of experience organizing outdoor activities, and is an environmental protection researcher.


Da Chui, Group Leader

Da Chui is a very experienced outdoor survivalist who enjoys extreme sports such as skydiving. He was the first Asian to hike the Dusky Track, considered New Zealand’s hardest hike.


Jiang Yuxin (Bei Bei), Group Leader

An experienced counselor, Bei Bei organizes the “Sunshine Life” charity organization in Beijing that regularly brings together psychological counselors, children rehabilitation experts, and other professionals to help disabled children.

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