• Linden Centre Featured in NY Times

    The Linden Centre has again been recognized by the international media for our efforts in Dali and the region. Click here to read the full story

  • Linden Centre to Host International Photography Galleries

    From August 1-31, the Linden Centre is supporting the Dali International Photography Exhibition by hosting two galleries: one featuring 1930s photographs by renowned photographer C.P. Fitzgerald, and another featuring photos of Shaolin Monks by Isabel Muñoz, curated by Jean Loh.
    C.P. Fitzgerald Photos
    Charles Patrick Fitzgerald (better known as C.P. Fitzgerald) was one of the premier China scholars of the 20th century. He first visited China in 1923, as a 21 year old student...

  • Save Money with Advance Booking

    Now through the end of the year, you save 100 RMB per room per night when you make your reservation at least 14 days in advance.

    This offer is only available for direct bookings through our website our over the phone, so reserve your room now or call us today at +86 (872) 245-2988.

  • Wuxi Partnership Ends, Focus on Yunnan Renewed

    To all our friends who have followed the evolution of our Wuxi project, we have made the difficult decision to forego future management responsibilities of this new site.

    While the design and restoration have been moving ahead on schedule, we have increasingly become involved in projects throughout Yunnan that need our daily attention. Because of these new projects, we are unable to fully commit ourselves to the Wuxi day-to-day management obligations and have informed the government of our decision.

  • Linden Centre Education Facility Turns 1 Year Old (Yang Zhuoran)

    Linden Centre Education Facility Turns 1 Year Old (Yang Zhuoran)

    Earlier this month, YZR sparkled on its opening day with Dongjing Music fanfare. YZR's Program Manager, Jiang Xiaotang shared her thanks with all the people who made the March 9th opening possible and her excitement for what would come next. Linden Centre General Manager, Frank He, thanked all who were a part of the YZR restoration, and shared the story of the process which he managed for over a year. Before officially unveiling the new building, Frank also spoke of Linden Centre's road to date and the importance of YZR to the overall concept of the Centre.

  • Sibylla G – from Guest to Guru

    Sibylla G – from Guest to Guru

    Sibylla Grottke is a travel enthusiast, artist, and teacher hailing from Berlin, Germany. Some of you may know her through the Linden Centre and some of you may know the Linden Centre because of her. With an interest in roads less traveled, Sibylla and her husband first explored Yunnan and Dali in 2007. It was here where she fell in love with the environment, but also caught wind of an interesting project that has kept her attention since.

  • A Traveling Journal

    A Traveling Journal

    In the fall of 2012, a creative Missouri school teacher gave an assignment to her 4th grade students to send out traveling journals. These are not journals about the children's travels, but journals that travel. Meg, then 9 years old, started by sending her folder to her grandpa, Vince, and he sent it on to one of his friends, and on and on - that was the plan.

  • Testing new foods – the guinea pig reports

    Testing new foods – the guinea pig reports

    As a consequence for a job well done cooking our Thanksgiving dinners, Evan was promoted to Food and Beverage Director at Linden Centre recently, and he is doing a terrific job. Two days ago, as I was climbing the steep steps of Chongsheng Temple in Dali, my phone rings. I answer, a bit out of breath at this high altitude. It’s Evan. "Sibylla, can you be my lab rat for lunch and dinner tomorrow?", he asks. "Sure," I laugh, "what’s up?" "I want to try out a few new dishes on you," he says, "I’d like to revamp the menu a bit."

  • Virginia Tech’s Executive Master of Natural Resources – Back in Xizhou

    Virginia Tech’s Executive Master of Natural Resources – Back in Xizhou

    After meaningful exchange focused on sustainability at Linden Centre last year with our first cohort, this year’s cohort looked further beyond the borders of the Centre and Xizhou to learn […]

  • Hello, Snake

    Hello, Snake

    Time flies when you're having fun. Hard to believe that it is already my third time celebrating the Spring Festival in Xizhou - dancing with the dragon, feasting on new year's day noodles, sharing 汤圆 (tang yuan), and taking in the village fireworks show on the terrace. This time has been easily the most enjoyable 春节 (chun1 jie2) with such a phenomenal group of guests to share in the start of the new (lunar) year. A few highlights...