Thank you for your interest in the Linden Centre!

We look forward to welcoming you to our Xizhou home. In preparation for your visit, we would like to clearly describe the ethos and mission of our Centre. It is important that you understand that the Centre represents a new paradigm of travel in China. Both our Centre’s historic structure and our team’s goals have shaped the style of service and interaction you can expect to have here. While we have incorporated many of the comforts of an exclusive hotel, we have not sacrificed historical accuracy and atmosphere to inject only luxury. The Centre’s goal is to serve as a rural base for deeper interaction with the local community.

When you stay at The Linden Centre, you are not purchasing only a hotel room. The whole complex with its many common areas is as much your home as it is ours. We have purposely not placed televisions in each room to promote interaction, nor do we allow smoking in our complex because of the Cultural Bureau’s requirements to protect this national relic. The goal is to encourage guests to interact with our family, our knowledgeable staff and with the villagers over activities such as calligraphy, tea and wine tasting, cooking, English teaching and game-playing. Thus, your time with us at the Centre is not simply a hotel stay, but rather a passage into an intellectually stimulating and visually stunning exploration of a more traditional China.

In many ways, the Linden Centre is a living museum. Our concerted restoration efforts have breathed life back into a dilapidated relic, giving the Yang Family Compound a dignified existence that is hopefully commensurate with its original architectural grandeur. Yet it is you, our guests, who come from all corners of the globe, who provide the spirit of the experience at our Centre. We thrive on your curiosity and spirit of adventure. Because of you, an iconic Chinese masterpiece of architecture is alive and celebrated. Thank you for being our guest.

Before moving on to the reservation section, please remember that:

1. No smoking is allowed in the complex,
2. Televisions are not found in any the guests rooms (we do have a big screen television with DVDs and cable television in a common room and wireless throughout the Centre),


We look forward to seeing you soon,

Brian and Jeanee Linden