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Meet Our Team



Brian Linden


Brian is a Chicago native who began working in China as a CBS cameraman in 1985. During those two years he was involved in interviews with Chinese leaders and also found time to star in a feature length movie. He pursued graduate work at University of Illinois and Stanford and then worked on education projects and investment for international schools and education firms for 15 years before refocusing his talent and leadership skills on a project of his own.



Jeanee Linden


Jeaneea��s love affair with China began with her involvement with the Cameron House community in San Franciscoa��s Chinatown. She had an early passion for outdoor and community leadership with Cameron House and stood out in her large Cantonese-American family as the only cousin of 35 to invest time in understanding her familya��s heritage and language. Jeanee pursued graduate studies at UC San Francisco and a career in nursing before permanently venturing back to China in 2007.



Mou Yujiang

General Manager

Yujiang is our chief development analyst and idea man. He graduated with a degree in urban development from UC Berkeley, is equipped with an international perspective in sustainable growth, and has a professional love affair with the United States. In his free time, you can find Yujiang sipping craft brewed Dali Pale Alea��s or scaling the peaks of his Cangshan Mountains.



Yang Kai Han


Kai is a great appreciator of the finer things in life, from cuisine to fashion to design. You can find him experimenting with local ingredients in the kitchen, discussing growth strategies, and debating potential furniture layouts plans at length.



Yuqi Zhao

Media and Education

Yuqi hails from Sichuan, though she does not like spicy food in the slightest. Years of living abroad have solidified her hipster identity, as indicated by her fondness for independent films and her pescatarian diet. Additionally, Yuqi has a great appreciation for tea ceremonies, incense lore, and traditional Chinese medicine.



Jia Jia

Education and Marketing

The only staff member with a pet cow, Jia Jia hails from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia and can be found jogging through the village before sunrise, giving away free soymilk to develop her breakfast empire, and reading books on educational psychology.



Matt Xu

Hospitality and Marketing Specialist

When Matt isna��t hard at work doing data analysis, hea��s probably drawing pinecones on the Linden Centrea��s terrace. He has a big talent for sketching, but an even bigger heart. Matt enjoys cooking with ginger, watering potted plants, and cuddling his two dogs, Nuggets and Amigo.




Front Office Manager

Max hails from Shanxi province, land of vinegar and dumplings. An avid horror movie and vanilla coke junkie, in his time off from work he spends hours playing with his cat, Tangyuan a�?Glutinous Rice Ball.a�? If you cana��t find him, check the nearest dessert shopa��Max has a great weakness for cheesecake.



Yang Sumei


Yang Sumei has worked in housekeeping at the Linden Centre since its opening. As a local, she takes pride in welcoming each guest to her home. Sumei hopes to provide every guest with comfortable and clean rooms to make you feel like family.



Candy Mu

Guest Relations

Candy was born in Xizhou and is a local Muslim. Candy studied English at Yunnan University and is happy to have a career that nurtures her language abilities. Candy joined in Jan. 2013, and has thrived as a manager, communicator, and making guests feel at home.



Wang Jianhong

Director of Food and Beverage

Ms Wang moved to Dali at a young age, and her entire professional life has been spent in the biggest city, Xiaguan. She has worked her way up to manager after beginning as a server when she was a teenager. Ms Wang is proud to understand every aspect of the hotel industry and wishes to help the company grow and maintain the integrity of the managerial structure throughout the expansion process.



Zhang Tianhe


Mr. Zhang has been with the Linden Centre since 2010 and now oversees the hotela��s departments of security and engineering at all three locations in Xizhou. When hea��s not repairing bicycles or fixing water pipes, ask him nicely and he might give you a Bai nickname.



A Ling

Bartender & Barista

A Ling has worked with us for since 2013 and is our head bartender at the Linden Centre. She is ethnically Bai and always wears a great smile on her face. Guests are charmed by her cheerful personality and her hospitality has made guests feel very welcome during their stay here.



Shi Fengfang


Shi Fengfang graduated from Kunminga��s prestigious Yunnan University Dianchi Campus with a degree in finance. Her service industry experience includes working as a human resources manager and accountant. She enjoys the working atmosphere of the Linden Centre, reading graphic novels, and fly-fishing.



Dai Qianxiu

Human Relations

A loving mother of one, Xiao Dai can be seen scootering around town, conducting important matters of business and buying much needed supplies for the Centre. Xiao Dai can be easily identified by her signature glasses, modern sense of fashion, and love for succulents.



Yang Zhang Qi

Travel Curation

When Zhang Qi, or Big Mike, as he is called, isna��t coming up with new activities for our guests, hea��s wiping the court with his fantastic basketball skills. A Bai local from Shacun town, Michael is the best resource available for better understanding the ins and outs of life in Xizhou.



Huang Quqing

Social Media and Communications

Our newest social media whiz, Kitty is a tiramisu aficionado, wifi-addict, and is most recently from Beijing, where her gentlemanly cat still resides. Shea��s studied and worked all over the world but decided to settle in Xizhou after finally coming to the realization that the traffic, pollution, and high-pressure of Beijing wasna��t her scene.



Michael Chen

Princeton in Asia Fellow

When he is not socializing with our guests or running cooking classes, our resident biking enthusiast, Michael, can be spotted zooming around town trying out his Bai phrases on every man, woman, and child he sees! A sucker for a bargain, Michael cannot resist buy one get one free sales, and is the person to speak to about bargain shopping in the area.



May Braverman

Princeton in Asia Fellow

May is Xizhoua��s social butterflya��when shea��s not taking pictures of every dog she encounters, shea��s catching up on the recent goings-on about town. Youa��ll find her chowing down on noodles, cracking incredibly cheesy jokes, and developing education programs and social media strategies, all while wrapped in six layers of clothing!


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