About the Lindens

Brian and Jeanee Linden

The Linden Centre, also known as Xi Lin Yuan, is the creation of Brian and Jeanee Linden. The Lindens have over three decades of travel, academic and business experience throughout Asia.

Their dream has always been to create a retreat dedicated to learning, sharing, and exploring the culture and history of China. Yunnan Province was a natural choice for such a project, with its ethnic diversity and rich cultural fabric. Xi Lin Yuan, located in the village of Xizhou, outside of the ancient city of Dali, in the Southwest Province of Yunnan, is the result of these dreams.

The Lindens’vision was not realized easily. It took over four years to gain unprecedented access to one of China’s most heralded examples of regional architecture. Years were spent reviewing architectural drawings for the renovation of the complex, conferring with China’s cultural and preservation ministries, and most importantly developing trust and solidarity with the local people. The result is a graceful immersion into China’s cultural and historic essence.

Restoration on the first heritage site was completed in the spring of 2008, followed by the renovation in 2011 of an Art Deco-influenced hotel dedicated to education and cultural programs. The third site- The Linden Commons- opening in the spring of 2015 focuses on cultural programming via a thriving culinary school, pottery/ceramics workshop, painting and textile studios.

While we are proud to be one of China’s most respected hotels, our focus is on cultural sustainability and heritage preservation. We believe that China has suffered too much damage to its tangible and intangible culture. The Linden Centres offer China a more sustainable and enlightened option.

The Linden Centre is dedicated to:

  • Preserving and sharing the cultural heritage of Asia’s timeless villages
  • Creating and inspiring experiential learning opportunities
  • Developing partnerships to build innovative, cultural programs
  • Providing an elegant and unprecedented heritage hotel for our guests
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