Yunnan, Dali & Xizhou

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Yunnan is home to more ethnic minorities than any other China province. Linked to Eurasia, Tibet, India, and Southeast Asia by trade routes, Yunnan has been a regional trader of goods and ideas for centuries. The resulting customs and traditions reflect significant influences from many nationalities and backgrounds. Yunnan religions, weddings, funerals, architecture, artisanship, cuisine, and folk legends exist in such colorful diversity and beautiful harmony due to its long history of cultural exchange.

Dali refers to the valley in NW Yunnan that we call home. Surrounded by mountains on the East, West, and South, with Er Hai Lake in its center, Dali is a concentration of protected wetlands, lush and mountainous forests, beautiful marble, exotic indigenous birds, nationally protected heritage architecture, and the home of the Bai people.

The history of this region includes both the reign of the powerful Nanzhao (737-937 AD) and Dali (937-1253 AD) Kingdoms and have left long standing vestiges of physical history like the Three Pagodas and Dali’s old town, both of which were completed over 1,000 years ago. The Tea Horse road ran through the valley and trade of tea, silk, dye, textiles, and culture prospered for centuries. The Bai people became renowned for their wealth of business and garnered a reputation for cultural exchange.

Xizhou is our home. This little village has been called a living art museum due to its unusual concentration of nationally protected heritage sites, mostly including architecture that spans the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) until the creation of New China in 1949, but also includes centuries old trees, parks, and wildlife preserves. Strolling through the morning market and main walking street will reveal a vibrant town with a healthy mix of traditional Bai culture and modern influence from Eastern China and abroad. It is the balance of development and forward thinking that exists in Xizhou that makes it special.

The Linden Centre’s setting is in a location that resonates with our values and vision. We hope by staying with us, our guests grow to understand the beauty and history visible in the Dali valley, and we strive to provide an atmosphere that allows for interaction and exchange. Whether you come for business, pleasure, or interest we hope our home leaves you with a long lasting impression that will grow and can be shared.


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