Yunnan Cuisine

Yunnan Cuisine is one of the best regional eating experiences in China. Many dishes borrow hot, spicy flavors from neighboring Sichuan. Others, influenced by periodic migrations from provinces such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, reflect the subtle, rounded taste of eastern and southeast Chinese cuisine. Neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam also have influenced the culinary landscape. The year round availability and variety of vegetables provide a seemingly limitless menu. The Dali fields are very fertile yielding two crops a year, the principal crops being rice, wheat, beans, rape, maize and tobacco.
One of our primary goals at the Linden Centre is to enlighten and educate our guests about the culture of China and Yunnan, so be sure to ask about our Chinese and Bai cooking classes at the Linden Commons cooking school. We hope that we can de-mystify some of the secrets so you can also make delicious Chinese food at home.

You can enjoy all your meals at the Linden Centre and the Linden Commons in our dining rooms and outdoor gardens and terraces. Despite being located in a small village in rural Yunnan, we have amassed an impressive collection of domestic and imported wine and liquor to compliment our local menu and the varied tastes of our guests. We encourage you to try local Yunnan wine or enjoy our favorite brand of gin. Ask about our Welcome Drink upon your arrival!
A favorite meal among locals and visitors is Across the Bridge Rice Noodles. We are pleased to offer this flavorful soup and all the fixings at the Linden Commons. This dish is known from the following story: A scholar, preparing for the imperial examinations isolated himself on an island in a lake. His devoted wife was dismayed that the meals she carried to him across a long, wooden bridge always arrived cold. By luck she discovered that by adding a thin layer of oil on top, the soup and noodles were sufficiently insulated. Her lunches arrived boiling hot and her husband of course, passed the exams.
We hope you will come to better understand China’s culture and history through its food.



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