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About: Sibylla Grottke

Sibylla loves traveling, and she loves Yunnan. She has been a repeat visitor to Linden Centre, and if she stays for longer stretches of time, she enjoys blogging about her experiences in Xizhou. Her passions include writing and Chinese ink painting.

Recent Posts by Sibylla Grottke

A Traveling Journal

In the fall of 2012, a creative Missouri school teacher gave an assignment to her 4th grade students to send out traveling journals. These are not journals about the children’s travels, but journals that travel. Meg, then 9 years old, started by sending her folder to her grandpa, Vince, and he sent it on to one of his friends, and on and on – that was the plan.

Testing new foods – the guinea pig reports

As a consequence for a job well done cooking our Thanksgiving dinners, Evan was promoted to Food and Beverage Director at Linden Centre recently, and he is doing a terrific job. Two days ago, as I was climbing the steep steps of Chongsheng Temple in Dali, my phone rings. I answer, a bit out of breath at this high altitude. It’s Evan. “Sibylla, can you be my lab rat for lunch and dinner tomorrow?”, he asks. “Sure,” I laugh, “what’s up?” “I want to try out a few new dishes on you,” he says, “I’d like to revamp the menu a bit.”

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