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An entrepreneur and wannabe environmentalist with a passion for education and community development, MCK is fortunate to be a part of Linden Centre's leadership team. As Director of Marketing and Business Development, MCK works to strengthen internal communications at the Centre and improve the overall guest experience, while supporting the development of an increasingly visible Linden Centre, both in China and abroad. MCK graduated from Brown University in 2004 with an AB in International Relations, and has been striving to relate internationally ever since.

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Sibylla G – from Guest to Guru

Sibylla Grottke is a travel enthusiast, artist, and teacher hailing from Berlin, Germany. Some of you may know her through the Linden Centre and some of you may know the Linden Centre because of her. With an interest in roads less traveled, Sibylla and her husband first explored Yunnan and Dali in 2007. It was here where she fell in love with the environment, but also caught wind of an interesting project that has kept her attention since.

Virginia Tech’s Executive Master of Natural Resources – Back in Xizhou

After meaningful exchange focused on sustainability at Linden Centre last year with our first cohort, this year’s cohort looked further beyond the borders of the Centre and Xizhou to learn about sustainability in the Erhai Lake. This unique master’s program is made up of 20+ sustainability professionals from varying backgrounds including forestry, engineering, environmental conservation,Continue Reading

Hello, Snake

Time flies when you’re having fun. Hard to believe that it is already my third time celebrating the Spring Festival in Xizhou – dancing with the dragon, feasting on new year’s day noodles, sharing 汤圆 (tang yuan), and taking in the village fireworks show on the terrace. This time has been easily the most enjoyable 春节 (chun1 jie2) with such a phenomenal group of guests to share in the start of the new (lunar) year. A few highlights…

Christine and Honey

I grew up extremely afraid of bees, and being stung. And it wasn’t until age 28 when my childhood fear first became a reality. (Full disclosure: I’m still a little bit afraid.) Christine grew up in an English household where her father kept bees, and who has fond memories of being stung due to inadvertentlyContinue Reading

Ross and Terroir

I’m pretty obsessed with Brown, i.e. the University in Providence, RI. And when someone from my school who happens to make it to this little corner of Yunnan, well, it’s pretty exciting. Ross works for a pretty interesting marketing/pr company that forces sabbaticals upon its employees. Every three years they are required to come upContinue Reading

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