Activities & Programming

The activities we organize are essential for providing our guests ways to interact with local people, natural environment, and culture. Our expert staff offer assistance for a wide variety of tours and unique opportunities for cultural immersion. We strive to connect guests to the flow of village life, taking care to maintain a degree of flexibility and spontaneity. Our goal is to genuinely enrich the lives of our guests through community interaction, education, and localized, sustainable touring.



Dumpling Class

From making the dough to the filling, learn the art of Chinese dumpling making meat and veggy options.

1.5 hours

Xizhou Baba Class

Replicate and reinvent a Xizhou delicacy with our kitchen staff. Make one sweet, one savory Baba.

1 hour

Chinese and Bai Cooking Class

Get hands-on! Visit the morning market with us to buy produce, learn how to prep and cut our fresh ingredients, and finally try your hand at cooking 3-4 Yunnanese and Bai dishes.

4 hours

Three Course Tea

Taste three courses of tea, learn the hospitality of the Bai people, and their philosophy of the life cycle.

30 minutes


Xizhou Market Tour

A historical and cultural tour of Xizhouai’s bustling market, a rice noodle factory, and a cheese maker’s home.

1.5 – 3 hours

Linden Centre Tour

Join us for a deeper look at our home. Learn about our values, history, renovation, and centuries old antiques.

1 hour

Dali Walking Tour

Come for a history lesson about ancient Dali, stay for the breweries, cheesecake,and live music.

3- 4 hours

Xizhou on a Horse Cart

Explore Xizhou at your own pace. Slowly meander through nearby villages and along Erhai lake’s shore.

2 hours

Weishan Tour

Immerse yourself in the history of the Nanzhao Kingdom and hike through the temples of Weibaoshan.

Whole Day



Zhoucheng Tie-Dye

Get hands on, learn to stitch and dye patterns of your choice from local fabric and indigo dye.

2 -3 hours

Mahjong Class

An ancient tile game of skill, strategy, and luck. Easy and fun to learn, but takes a lifetime to master.

1 hour



Xizhou Bike Tour

Explore nationally protected parks and wetlands, the shoreline of Erhai lake, and nearby villages’ temples.

2 hours

Cable Car & Cloud Path

Cable car up to the Cloud Path and hike 11.5 km to see the entire valley and waterfalls along the way.

5 hours

Tea Plantation Hike

Hike up from an organic tea plantation behind the Three Pagodas up to the Cangshan Cloud Path.

5 hours

Tea Plantation Tour

Experience the entire tea making process and culture from picking to roasting to steeping to sipping.

3-4 hours

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