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The Torch Festival is Coming!

Experience Yunnan’s Brightest Nights:

         The Torch Festival is Coming!


The Linden Centre invites you to be a part of one of Yunnan’s most colorful festivals. On July 20-22, our neighbors- the ethnic Bai and Yi- wrap long poles with pine and cedar limbs. They erect these ‘torches’- some of which can exceed 10 meters in height- in front of their courtyard homes and in public squares. Once lit from the top, the locals dance and sing under the burning branches until the torches burn themselves to the ground.


The origin of the Torch Festival is still unclear. Some suggest that it dates back to a historical battle fought by the Yi armies of Southwest China. After suffering a major loss, the Yi military leaders placed torches on the horns and tails of their cattle and drove them into the enemy’s lines. This maneuver surprised their foes and forced them to retreat thereby saving their lands.


Another legend revolves around a mythical wrestling match between the strongest men in heaven and on earth. This fight was incited by the gods and, when the strong man from heaven lost to his earthly rival, they sought revenge. The angry gods sent down a cloud of locust to destroy the crops of the Yi people. The victorious strong man, upon seeing this plague, built large torches and carried them throughout the region. His example inspired other farmers to follow his lead, and they were able to repell the locust. Until this day, the Yi people use sacrificial fire to drive away evil and protect humanity

          Come celebrate with our Yi and Bai neighbors enjoy this Torch Festival Special:

Stay July 20-22 at the regular rate and enjoy the following complimentary activities

1. Accompanied trip to the most popular Torch Festival site in the area- Zhoucheng Village

2. Traditional Bai and Yi dinner on July 21, including local wines and spirits

3. Torch Making experience with our villagers

4. Xizhou Baba (local bread/pizza) class on July 22

5. Xizhou market and village tour on morning of July 21

6. Complementary Western and Chinese Breakfast Buffet daily

7. Free use of all bicycles, fitness facilities and wireless internet

8. Welcome Drinks and free baby-sitting daily


             Time Out at the Linden Centre:

                    Free Baby-sitting Daily

To further enhance our award-winning services, we are now offering free baby-sitting and wine-tasting (from 5:00-7:00 p.m.). The baby-sitting can include Chinese and calligraphy lessons, story-telling, games and puzzles, and other fun activities.

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About The Linden Centre

The Linden Centre is an American-owned, award-winning Dali hotel offering the intrepid traveler a true immersion into authentic China. Guests reside in an expansive and elegant courtyard home in Xizhou, a pristine village in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province. The facility is a nationally protected heritage site that has been restored to its former dynastic elegance. In the foothills of the Himalayas, guests enjoy a year-round spring climate and direct access to rich, undisturbed cultures in a true melting pot of the region.