Special 2013 Christmas Package

Save money and experience a unique side of China with our 2013 three-night Christmas package. Take part in local “fake snow” fights, cooking classes, music performances, free food and drinks and more. This package is only valid for stays from Dec 24-31, and is subject to room availability, so Book Now.

A 3 day, 3 night stay for 2 people in a double occupancy room (2 full beds or one extra large king bed) with western mattresses, private western style bathroom and local custom made furniture. 1500 RMB
per person,
per night

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  • Complimentary breakfast and dinner each day (max 1 meat dish and 1 vegetable dish per person each dinner, except dinner on Dec 24th)
  • Complimentary coffee, sodas, and basic teas at any time
  • Manager’s welcome reception with tea/wine/cheese and local snacks on the terrace
  • Transfer to and from the Dali airport, train or bus station
  • Christmas cookies cooking with our kitchen staff
  • Guided tour through the Centre explaining its history, architecture and antiques
  • Personal escort into the ancient city of Dali during the night. As twilight light approaches,the streets slowly come alive. This is soon followed by an onslaught of fun snow battles, the streets erupting with snow fights using cans of “fake snow” sold on every corner. (only available on Dec 24)
  • Personal escort to see local cheese and rice noodle factories
  • Xizhou morning market tour and vegetable shopping
  • Special Christmas batik making using a regional technique that has over a thousand years history
  • A traditional Bai tea ceremony in our tea room
  • Christmas buffet including a long-standing Linden Centre Christmas Tradition – A talent show with Lindens and the Linden Centre staff attended by much of the local Xizhou community. Afterwards, jump in with the crowd as we dance to a combination of Bai traditional music
  • Bike around Xizhou and by Er’hai lake
  • Learn how to make local specialty, Xizhou Baba, with our kitchen staff
  • Enjoy a concert of ancient Daoist and Tang Dynasty court music, with Bai minority dancing performed by a troop of Xizhou musicians
  • Complimentary three-day bicycle rental for independent cycle touring
  • Complimentary in-room and Centre-wide high-speed internet

No activity substitutions allowed. Contact us today with any questions.

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