Sibylla G – from Guest to Guru

Sibylla Grottke is a travel enthusiast, artist, and teacher hailing from Berlin, Germany. Some of you may know her through the Linden Centre and some of you may know the Linden Centre because of her. With an interest in roads less traveled, Sibylla and her husband first explored Yunnan and Dali in 2007. It was here where she fell in love with the environment, but also caught wind of an interesting project that has kept her attention since.


Sibylla has been traveling from the very beginning as a flight attendant, which quickly enabled her and her husband, Wolfgang, to see many corners of the world. During the last 8 years in China where she has called both Beijing and Shanghai home, Sibylla has been to most provinces in China, with the exception of a few that are on her travel list for the next few years. Though Xizhou remains one of her favorite places to visit. Last autumn, after six times as a visitor to the Centre since its opening, Sibylla came to us on a six-week work assignment as a Travel Curator. And just about three weeks ago, she came back to us for another month of Travel Curating. It has been a blast to have her here from guest turned colleague.

Aside from her brilliant personality, Sibylla also brings a great passion for Chinese Ink Painting, which she expresses both as an artist and a teacher. Now having found a supplier for her rice paper and ink fix, Sibylla has been excited to share her passion for painting with guests and staff on an almost daily basis. See a photo of her latest work, as well as the work of one of her most recent students below. It is quite incredible how much one can learn in short hour-long sessions.

While you may not have a chance to visit before Sibylla heads back to Shanghai on April 7th, you do have a chance to see a number of her adventures during her recent two stints in Xizhou by taking a peek at her Wanderlust and Chinese Ink blog. Click here to have Sibylla introduce herself in her own words, and click on the Yunnan Blog to read about a number of her experiences. For those of you whose German is as elementary as mine, and wish to peruse more of Sibylla’s entries, look for “Zum Archiv” at the bottom of the Yunnan Blog page.

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