Linden Centre Education Facility Turns 1 Year Old (Yang Zhuoran)

One year ago, our education annex, Yang Zhuoran sparkled on its opening day with Dongjing Music fanfare. YZR’s Program Manager, Jiang Xiaotang shared her thanks with all the people who made the March 9th opening possible and her excitement for what would come next. This year, YZR was alive with the sounds of the students who are living there for an entire semester. The “China Fieldwork Semester Program” is an intensive project-based student research program in Xizhou, Yunnan, for sixteen 11th and 12th grade students. This program is being held annually during the spring semester. For information on the program, visit their website:
It has been the dream of Brian and Jeanee’s Linden Centre to be a base for community-based learning and exchange, and YZR has taken this vision to the next level through the restoration of this complex specifically for educational and theme-based programs. If you would like to make YZR a base for your school’s programs, please contact us for more information.
The Shanghai American School (SAS)’s Microcampus Program made history as the first group of students to inhabit Yang Zhuoran. This group of 16 eighth grade students from the SAS Puxi (West) campus spent 28 days in Xizhou, living, learning, and experiencing a different side of their host country, far from the China they have been accustomed to in Shanghai. Microcampus founder and SAS teacher, Craig Tafel, continues to bring groups of students to Xizhou after the successful experience with the inaugural group of eighth graders last spring.
Interested to learn more about what the Microcampus students are up to this spring? Follow their journey via student journals, daily video shout-outs, inquiry projects, service learning, or even the parent blog via their website:
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