Celebrate Christmas with The Linden Centre

The biggest musical hit from last year’s show, We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

With two consecutive days of Christmas activities, this time around you won’t be coming to Dali just for the nature and mild weather. On the 24th Dali Old Town erupts into a massive fake snow fight (see Brian Linden’s account below), and on the 25th we’ll be hosting a town-wide Christmas dinner and talent show. This year’s acts and dinner are still in the planning stages, but see pictures and video below from last year’s to get an idea of what’s to come.

Looking for a white Christmas without having to wear a winter jacket? Look no further than Dali. Yes, even in the land of eternal spring – Yunnan Province – we can guarantee a white Christmas for every one of our guests. But are you brave enough to experience it?!

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the fruit and vegetable markets start switching their products. In fact, the ancient stone streets of Dali are soon lined with traditionally-clad Bai ethnic entrepreneurs all selling one thing- Fake Snow. The snow comes from three types of spray bottles – one that shoots out a type of silly string, the second that sprays a type of shaving cream, and the third that shoots out a wide arc of dry snow flakes.

As twilight approaches, the streets slowly come alive. Initially, it is one or two sprays from fleeing youngsters, their parents as tickled by the event as the children. This is soon followed by an onslaught of fun battles. The streets erupt with snow fights, and the ancient lanes become lined with snow-carrying greeters – a gauntlet we all love to run.

Following the snow fights of Dali, return to Xizhou for our Third Annual Xizhou Christmas celebration. Click here to get a sneak peek of what you may have missed these past two years or to recall fond memories of Christmas magic, singing, and dancing. We hope you will come to experience and possibly even lend your talents!

Dali’s Christmas celebration is one of the most unique and memorable we have experienced. Our children love it, we love it, and some guests have flown from overseas to be regular Christmas visitors at our Centre. We encourage you all to consider spending time with our family in Dali this Christmas. The Linden Centre team always welcomes new members who are courageous enough to brave the blizzards of Dali’s Christmas Snows and share in the cultural exchange fun of our Christmas show.

Brian and Jeanee Linden


*Sneak Peak of Christmas fun from 2011: Singing local Bai songs while dressed up as a handsome A Peng and a beautiful Golden Flower(金花) & Linden Centre guests, staff, and students from the community making Christmas in Xizhou a reality.

Look forward to seeing you this year during the Christmas time. If you like to know more, we have a video of Linden Centre Christmas 2011.

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