A Linden Centre Christmas – Xizhou’s First Western Chinese Multi-Ethnic Christmas Celebration

During the War Against Japanese Aggression, both The Nationalist government, and academia were forced into the interior of China. Up until 1944 Yale in China was based in Xizhou during these tumultuous years.

While the war raged in the coastal provinces Yunnan endured fierce dogfights and bombing raids. The students at Yale still held steadfast to one Christmas tradition. Every year, a fir tree would be cut down from Cangshan mountain, and placed in the village square.

Upon hearing of this tradition from local elders Brian and Jeanee Linden decided to take a modern approach to this forgotten tradition. On December 25th 2010, the Linden Centre hosted Xizhou’s First Western Chinese Multi-Ethnic Christmas Celebration. The celebration was in the spirit of fostering a better mutual understanding between the guests of the Linden Centre, and the local indigenous culture.

Local villagers contributed ethnic performances including Bai dancing, and songs from the Dongjing Music troupe. Guests from the Linden Centre also participated in teaching the Chinese crowd a few well known Christmas songs.

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