Hope for Haiti

The Linden Centre has made a commitment to educate and involve people in cultures and places worlds apart. Though it may be that Haiti is far off from our kingdom in Yunnan province, it is not far away from our thoughts.

This October, Alison Wright will lead a photojourney program to our Centre in Yunnan, capturing memories and faces of a people that, though hardened, see themselves as quite blessed. Though we may journey into the idyllic and surreal at times, we are all faced with humanitarian realities for which we try to do more. For this October’s “Photojourney to Yunnan” with Alison Wright, a portion of the program fee will be donated to the Faces of Hope fund for relief in Haiti. Please read below for more information.

Quoted from Alison’s recent newsletter:

“As some of you know, I’ve recently returned from a few weeks of photographing in Haiti. I’ve covered Katrina, and the aftermath of the tsunami, but I have never witnessed such human devastation on so many levels. As a documentary photographer, I regularly travel to various countries and bear witness almost on a daily level to the dire needs and situations of children world-wide. When you hear that over 300,000 were killed in an earthquake, the numbers are almost too much for us to comprehend. But when you look into the eyes of one child, the situation becomes more personal.


My goal is to not only bring a face to the place and raise social conscious awareness, but to also see if there’s some financial assistance I can bring to the communities that I’ve worked in that have touched me so deeply.


Because of the immediate needs I just witnessed in Haiti one of the projects my foundation, the Faces of Hope Fund, is doing is helping to supply tents and bedding to house displaced families. The race is on as the heavy rains are coming. I know you may think this dramatic story is over, but for the people still dealing with serious injuries, wide-spread disease and lack of housing, it’s only just beginning. One tent, which fits a whole family, costs $100.


I know that so many of you have already donated to the cause in your own way, but for those of you who wonder what else you can do to help, or could help by just passing this on, please visit my Faces of Hope Foundation. Every tax-deductible dollar donated to this fund, in any amount, goes directly to valid grass-roots organizations I’ve witnessed which are helping the children in their communities. I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing after an experience like this. Please visit my Faces of Hope Foundation website at www.facesofhope.org.


If you’d like to see some of my photos, there are new images on my website under Documentary galleries/ Haiti Earthquake at www.alisonwright.com.”


For more in-depth viewing: http://archive.alisonwright.com/c/alisonwright

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