Linden Centre in CCTV Documentary

Unprecedented American-run cultural retreat highlighted as leading example of sustainable renovation.

Xizhou, China – The Linden Centre has garnered one of the ultimate commendations from the Chinese public – extensive coverage in a nationally-broadcast Chinese Central Television documentary.  Featuring efforts in the country’s southwest region to prevent the destruction of its ancient villages, the two-night program will be aired for the second time later this month.  Due to positive feedback, it will also be translated into English and broadcast on CCTV’s International English language channel.
The program showcases the Linden Centre as a unique model of responsible cultural tourism in a rural setting.  Brian and Jeanee Linden, founders of the Centre, are leading a growing movement in the Dali Valley to preserve the area’s old stone complexes.  The American couple are among the first foreigners to gain complete access to one of China’s Type A Cultural Relics, which are protected at the same level as The Great Wall and Forbidden City.  The Centre’s extensive courtyards and living areas are the former residence of one of Xizhou’s major Tea Horse Road merchants.  Part of a functioning rural village, this historic complex has been restored to its former elegance, and travelers looking for an authentic cultural experience are now able to call the Centre their home away from home.

“Too many places in China have seen unabated development over the last few decades,” says Jason Jones, the Centre’s Director of Marketing.  “Wonderful old buildings are pushed over to make way for high-rises.  What we want to provide is a window into the old China, where timeless villages, architecture, and cultures are not only preserved, but shared.  Xizhou is the perfect place for such an effort.”

The Lindens spent two years in negotiations with the Chinese government and Cultural Bureau before beginning the restoration in 2008.  Over 100 local workers assisted in the ten month renovation process, which generated much local attention and repeated visits from the provincial governor and CCTV.  The Centre opened to the public recently, and has since hosted leading political, cultural, and business figures from around Asia and the United States.  Guests to the region stay in the Centre’s 14 elegantly appointed rooms, and enjoy an all-inclusive experience that focuses on immersing travelers in the culture of the area.

“What really sets us apart are the experiential and educational aspects of our model.  The Centre is very luxurious, but we are not at all insulated from the village outside our door.  Rather, we seek to provide a meaningful exchange between our guests and the wonderful ethnic people and traditions of the region,” Jones goes on to say.  “We are proud to be recognized within China as a model of responsible eco-tourism that respects and highlights indigenous cultures.”

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