An American in Shangri-La

By Life after 50


  Linden Centre allows visitors to make this stunning historic renovation home base when traveling in China.

American entrepreneurs and adventure seekers Brian and Jeanee Linden have realized their dream and captured an unmatched way to share their tremendous experiences in Asia with guests who seek more than a vacation when traveling in China.

Set in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, the Linden Centre stands as an exquisite respite from the urban sprawl of China’s rapidly growing cities, in which travelers can base themselves as they set off on an unequalled adventure filled with education, exploration, and deep immersion into traditional Chinese life.

Their story is an intriguing one. “We are the first foreigners to gain access to one of China’s most pristine examples of traditional architecture,” says Brian Linden. “It took four years of negotiations and renovation, but our Centre has become the region’s leading example of sustainable and sensitive restoration.” Indeed, the Centre’s stone walls and multiple courtyards are cultural relics of such import that they enjoy the same level of government protection as the Great Wall.

Working hand in hand with China’s cultural and preservation ministries as well as local villagers, the Lindens’ vision of a renovated Centre is a beautiful blend of dynastic elegance and modern luxury that guests can truly call their own during their

stay. Offering sixteen artfully appointed rooms and grounds where guests traverse through ancient courtyards, water ponds, lush flora, and displays of statues and antiquities, the Centre is at once timeless and tastefully updated with modern flair. Amenities include a Zen meditation room, fitness area, extensive library, dining room, large demonstration kitchen, and wi-fi connectivity.

“Stepping into our Centre is like entering an Imperial mansion,” adds Jeanee Linden. “It is very special to see the expressions on people’s faces when they walk in and discover that this will be their home away from home.”

Yet, the experiential and educational aspects of the Centre are what serve as its centerpiece and cornerstone. Each guest of the Centre embarks on a tailored itinerary that reaches beyond the commercialism of contemporary China, into a deeper, authentic cultural exploration of the ageless countryside and its traditions.

Experiences such as tea harvesting and wine appreciation, art history and antique hunting, preparing traditional cuisine alongside villagers, and trekking among temples carved into remote mountainsides are but few examples of how the Lindens continually “wow” guests with their signature concept. Travelers are able to touch for themselves the “real” China by interacting directly with local ethnic people and taking part in their traditions in ways that were previously unavailable to outsiders.

“There are so many wonderful and unique moments here that we must invite you to share in this dream. The simplicity lies in that the memories will flow quickly like a natural rhythm. But the words fall short until you are a part of the experience.”

The Linden Centre is located at No. 5 Chengbei, Xizhou Town, Dali City, Yunnan, China 671003
China tel: +86 (0)872-245-2988
USA tel: +1 920-854-2487

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